Larry Hudson, Voice-Over Teacher Par Excellence

Larry Hudson, Voice-Over Teacher Par Excellence

As far as I am concerned, the one person I am supremely pleased to know in the world of voice-overs is Larry Hudson. I met him through his brilliant webinar about Audacity, which was unlike any other webinar I have heard. Clear, concise, Larry provided answers to every question offered.

After our initial first meeting online, he was always there, months later, to pick up the phone whenever I had a burning question about an upcoming job. Larry always gave me good advice, at no cost.

Larry knows the intricacies of voice-overs both technically and business-wise. If you have a technical problem with Audacity, he will Skype you and explain everything in detail. I went from churning out inadequate recordings on my own to near-perefect recordings, based entirely on what he provided.

I paid him $75 for an hour of brilliant recommendations, and the next day I booked a job…and it just escalated.

What sets Larry apart is his enthusiasm, energy, and his ability to communicate clearly and concisely. He also has an incredible passion about voice-overs and, if you meet him, you will see a charismatic persona, so very giving and so very likable.

The biggest irony is that Larry Hudson is not only a fine teacher/resource but a hard working voice-over talent himself. The fact that he is so passionate about helping others is a real reflection of his true character.

Here is his website:

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