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Back in June, Dave Marsh of Zojoi sent me an email, “I need me a wizard” for his fantasy game Shadowgate, and he asked if I were interested.

In October 2013 we began working together. He wanted three very distinct voices for this fantasy games:


There are three wizards here:

  1. Lakmir – He is your guide – an older wizard like Gandalf. I like your Ian McKellan and also   Richard Harris but check out the link I sent you. I can also supply a image of him if need be – not sure how much that will help.
  2. Talimar – He is also an older wizard albeit evil. He sounds, er, evil. He is mainly faceless and appears to you as glowing eyes 90% of the time.
  3. Cuthegar – A very old wizard. Hardly in the script at all but some long dead spirit of your great grandfather or something. Hey, it’s a video game!

For the main voice, Lakmir, he was interested in a character voice that was a cross between Richard Harris and Ian McKellen, but he preferred the cadence of a Christian musician from the 80s named Jeff Johnson.  Here is the link:

I got to work, creating something in between for that character, the narrator, and I think it works nicely. There is a good bit of sympathy in the sound. Not too officious. Something slightly melancholic. Quite unlike the other two wizards who were nastier in degrees.

Last week, he directed me for 90 minutes, then I spent three hours editing it down to a 20 minutes wav file. A big undertaking, but a thoroughly enjoyable experience, largely because of the writing, which is extremely good. Since the initial recording, he has requested additional reads for sentences that were missing, incoherent, or simply misread.

Here is what I want to say about my experience with Shadowgate and Dave Marsh. What a superbly creative project! I love the imagery, the incredible imagination involved in creating something so otherworldly . For those of you who have the good fortune to work with Dave on future projects, rest assured that the experience, though taxing on the vocals, will be enjoyable. Dave gives great direction—he even offers renditions of how a line should be read, which is a bonus. I highly recommend him not only for his professionalism but also for his great sense of humor!


Dave informs me that Shadowgate goes live August 21st, 2014! Here’s another link:

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