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The first time I met Artt Butler was when he was a receptionist at Sandie Schnarr Talent (now AVO) in 1991 when I  just got signed. It wasn’t long before he was directing talent in the booth (for ten years), and I remember the joy that so many actors shared at knowing that Artt was going to give the very best direction available. I know I did. I booked my first radio commercial for Foster’s Lager after his acute direction.

Artt went on to become one of the superstars of voice-overs, playing the iconic Captain Ackbar in Star Wars, amongst many other notables, not to mention being the spokesman for a very popular car today.

When I met him last week, he had to change the appointment time because he’d booked another voice-over job!

The guy is working. He’s not someone on the sidelines who thinks he knows what a client wants. He obviously knows what they want because he delivers and books national voice-over jobs.

Fortunately, Artt offers private sessions for a mere $125 per hour at Voice Trax West. This is the best money you can buy for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Artt is articulate and  intuitive. He communicates well and knows exactly how to improve your read. Secondly, as a brilliant voice-over actor himself, he knows exactly what you need to do to improve your craft. You leave the session realizing that his input is top-notch, first-rate, no bullshit.

I came in with 50+ voices to showcase, and he whittled them down to 27. One voice sounded too much like another. My accents were better than my characters or impersonations.  He, very quickly, highlighted the best reads and told me what I needed to showcase to sell.

Besides being a very sharp director, Artt has incredible interpersonal communication skills. He sets you at ease immediately because he is someone you can trust. I only wish he taught a voice–over class.

The guy who runs the place, Andrew, is the first person you meet and is as personable and sharp as Artt. Great team. Highly recommend anyone to visit Voice Trax West for either a private session or a class.




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