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I started working with Brandon Scott, Executive CMO at Jeunesse, two years ago when he asked me to be the spokesperson of this worldwide leader in advanced skincare and anti-aging technology. He wanted a sophisticated British voice-over for their products, Finiti and ProPectin.

If you get the opportunity to work with Brandon, you won’t be disappointed. He knows exactly what he wants, and he communicates his ideas very clearly. When it comes to direction, he is a rock star. Insightful feedback every time. Often, he will suggest different emphases of words, a change of rate, dramatic pauses, and he is happy to read a line to demonstrate a particular point.

We usually talk on the phone for 40 minutes, which I record. During those 40 minutes I will read the copy several times; he will critique; and then, afterwards, I will listen to our conversation in its entirety, particularly my reads, picking the ones he liked, then cut and paste.

I am attaching two videos I did for him, which will give you some idea of his writing talent.

I have just recorded three new promos for Jeunesse‘s big campaign in Thailand in October. Can’t wait!






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