I have one word for the voice-over Nick did: Perfect!

– Steve Stith
Director of Marketing, Kersh Health

Nick is a man of many incredible voices. I am amazed at how creative his characters are and so different from each other. Listening to two or more of Nick’s characters back to back I can’t tell it’s the same person! I will definitely use him again. Nick is the consummate professional! We love working with him.

– Matt Lictenwalter
Founder, Big Top Games

Nick’s abilities as a voice-over artist are among the very best I’ve heard in the industry, whether it’s his stunning range of character voices or the overall clarity and tonal quality of his voice. His talents are only superseded by the efficiency and professionalism in which he works. Nick not only responded immediately, but had near perfect demo recordings to me within the very hour of our initial communication. Needless to say I will be using Nick for any future voice-over projects!!

– Casey Callender

This is the second time I’ve worked with Nick. He is a tremendous talent and his range is astounding. He helps realize my vision and makes my job as a director a lot easier. I will continue to come back to him.

– Ed McCulloch

VERY EASY TO WORK WITH. Nick is as professional as they come; he listens to direction, takes feedback well, and is prompt in delivering the highest quality for the budget.

– Brandon Scott
Owner, Mim Creative Utah, U.S.A.

Nick is a great actor. He nails the character immediately! Top quality audio and service. Highly recommended to anyone who is looking for fantastic results.

– Brad Bower
Heroes of Newerth USA

Nick’s work was fantastic, swiftly executed, accomplished, and he provided numerous different takes.

– Joel Somerfield
Oder Prods. London, U.K.

Nick is extremely professional and very fun to work with! He is able to execute the voices we want and he goes above and beyond to find just what we’re looking for. On top of that, he gave us voices and ideas we didn’t even think of, which completely exceeded our expectations and brought the video to a whole new level of quality. Thank you Nick!

– Mitchell Lyon
Shift Prods. Lincoln, N.E., USA

Nick was great and was pleasant to work with. He took his time patiently working with us and sent several samples and variety for us to choose. This made the project move forward quickly and smoothly. He is professional and made sure that we were satisfied with what we wanted. Great with directions and very polite with our feedback. Our client was happy as well!

– Cristie Williams
VISION Production Group U.S.A.

Nick was very professional and worked hard to meet our requirements, both in sound quality, pronunciation and tone of voice. Nice BBC English accent, not too posh.

– Mats Sivertsen
Oslo, Norway

Amazing work – delivered in under 2 hours!

– Mihai Fanache
CEO, ChargeAds

Nick was perfect to work with! He gave us the sound we wanted and was very good at taking direction. Would recommend him to anyone looking for a real professional to work with.

– Danielle Feldman
Deseret Management Corporation

Nick is a very talented voice-over artist, he managed to read 3 different scripts in different tonalities (Old/young …) and he manages different layers of voice tones. (Happiness/excitement/authenticity …).

– Gabriel Ferneine
Beirut, Lebanon”

Wonderful to work with!!

– Tim McManus
PDA Video

Fantastic. Exactly what we were looking for. Thanks Nick!

– Mitchell Lyon
Shift Productions

Nick provided the perfect voice over performance for our Jane Austen video project. Very pleased.

– Paul Savidge

Outstanding voice, and very professional!!! Highly recommended!!

– Michael White
K.Y. U.S.A.

Excellent, exactly what I was after!!!

– Anthony Lipari

Nick has a wonderful voice and does a great job interpreting the text. Very nice to work with.

– Jacob Bock

Exactly what I needed. Great voice for my Dr Seuss-esque project. Very fast response time as well.

– Chanasinj Sachdev
K.Y. U.S.A.

Nick was amazing. From the beginning of the project to the end he was extremely professional and easy to work with. He has wonderful industry experience and knows his stuff inside and out. His range most of all is what sets him apart from the rest.

– Ed McCulloch